A Celebration of the International Year of Astronomy

On September 25 and 26, astronomy organizations across Southeast Wisconsin are getting together for an event like no other! "100 Telescopes In The Park: A Celebration of the International Year of Astronomy" will feature telescopes of every imaginable shape and size, all set up and ready to show the wonders of the night sky to the public at large. It's going to be an astronomical gathering!

In addition to 100 telescopes, there will be exhibits and activites for young and old. We will begin the afternoon with our Telescope Clinic -- a perfect opportunity to bring your own telescope to have our experts give it a little TLC and help you learn about using it to it's best potential.

When: September 25 & 26, 2009
Where: Greenfield Park near baseball diamond
What: Telescope clinic from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Telescope viewing until 11:00pm.

You can also download this printable flyer.


Are you attending? Let us know!

Note: If you are an experienced amateur astronomer and want to volunteer to work this event, please use the volunteer form instead.




Bringing Your Telescope

If you'd like to bring your telescope, that's great -- we're here to help! Just keep a few things in mind before you come out.

Use the webform below to let us know you're coming. That will help us allocate the proper number of volunteers for the telescope clinic session.

Be sure to bring all the parts along, even if you think they are broken or don't know where they go. We'll be able to help you better if we can see everything that came in the box.

Be patient with yourself and your telescope. Looking through a telescope is not intuitive, which is why when you're with someone to show you around so much can be learned. Astronomy is much easier to be taught in person than to read about and figure out on your own.