Welcome to Wisconsin Astronomy

Our own state of Wisconsin is home to world-class astronomy and space research institutions, state-of-the-art planetaria, world-reknowned observatories and dozens of amateur astronomy clubs. Want to explore space? Chances are, you can do it from a location very close to home!


Jupiter Rules The Winter Night

Jupiter is visible all night in our winter sky. It's the brightest object other than our Moon, and it's nearly straight overhead on any given evening before midnight. With a telescope, you can also see its four largest moons and some cloud bands!

Looking For A Telescope?

The Orion Skyquest XT 4.5 is an excellent telescope for kids. Jeff Setzer has no affiliation with any telescope company but this guide is provided as a service. Jeff Setzer has written a First Telescope Buyer's Guide (these are his opinions, not necessarily those of others). Click on the icon to start!


Global Astronomy Month

April has been designated The Global Astronomy Month by the Astronomers Without Borders, continuing in the spirit of global astronomy outreach that was the hallmark of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009). 135 countries are participating in a wide variety of events spanning the globe.

Here in Wisconsin, the astronomical community has banded together to plan events across our state. This website is the clearinghouse for all things GAM in the Badger State.

Outside of our participation in observing events throughout the month, legacy IYA2009 projects with continuing Wisconsinite participation include 365 Days Of Astronomy, Cosmic Diary and the Galileoscope.