Star Parties

Want to get together at a dark-sky location with dozens or even hundreds of astronomy enthusiasts and their telescopes? Then you're looking for a star party! While astronomy clubs often have their own small star parties at their nearby observing locations, larger star parties are held at more remote site -- with darker skies and better viewing conditions.

There are several dozen large star parties held in the United States every year, and even a couple right here in the Badger State.


Wisconsin Star Parties


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Star Party Guidelines

Star parties are like campouts, but the emphasis is on activities during the night. That being the case, there are just a few general rules of thumb:

No driving or white lights after dusk, and no flash photograhy at night. Remember, people are there to enjoy the dark skies and just a brief amount of white light can ruin an astrophoto or somebody's night vision.

Smokers should be considerate of nonsmokers, as smoke can damage delicate optical coatings.

Avoid loud talking or making noises, especially in the morning, so you don't disturb sleeping astronomers.